Fear +Anger=Hate;Joy+Peace=Love

- Part 2 in the ”Listening to your soul!” series

Basically, we’ve got two choices as to how we live our lives. We can choose to live in Joy, or we can live in fear. Of course, in reality we are making these choices all the time – most of us don’t live in fear all the time, and most don’t live in Joy all the time – we swing from one condition to the other. Sometimes, we really want to live in the Joy of knowing who we truely are, but it seems as if The Universe isn’t co-operating! Just when you really decide to live in Joy conditions conspire to try to throw you back down into fear. How can this be?

Archangel Ariel has some rather interesting observations on the process of repeatedly climbing out of fear and into Joy. Talking about what she describes as ”building spiritual mastery”, Ariel uses an analogy of a gym: ”If the goal were to build the biceps in your arms, you could use a barbell working against the force of gravity. If you lift the barbell once, you do not grow strong.You must repeatedly lift the barbell over and over. In building spiritual mastery you lift your conciousness up into a state of love. It is not gravity you work against, but fear……….Each time you move through the love - fear – love cycle, you grow stronger and build spiritual mastery.” So, once we make that choice in our life, to live in love and joy, experiencing problems in our life can be seen as an opportunity to build spiritual mastery. The universe is actually sending us the marvellous opportunity to grow into the fullness of being the love and joy we really are.

As we move into the new ascension energy, this polarity between joy and fear becomes incredibly important. Its not so much a question of whether we ascend, more of how we ascend. The ascension energies are now so deeply rooted in the planet, and Mother Earth has already begun har ascension process. Indeed, many of us are already moving into the ascended energy body – it’s just that the ego is in denial and the cellular physical body hasn’t caught up yet. The planetary ascension will be much smoother and more peaceful if we collectively choose to ascend in peace, joy and love, than if most of us go through the ascension process in fear. Indeed, the choices we make now as we ascend could affect our planetery and individual futures for some life times. At times of uncertainty and change, it is natural for people to be feeling fear. But if the energy of fear predominates, there is the likelyhood of us making a collective choice to experience the planetary changes in the energy of fear – this is the scenario depicted by Hollywoods film version of ”2012”.

The good news is that one person living in the energy of pure joy is enough to hold the energy for 100 000 people living in fear and negativity. It’s amazing, but that is how powerful the energy of pure transcendental spiritual joy can be. I often have 8 people on a healing or meditation course, and if we can all learn to hold the energy of pure joy, we can lift the energy for the entire population of Copenhagen! Thats how Moses could get all those people through the Red Sea (probably with the help of a handfull of spiritual masters to help hold the energy of belief in himself and in Spirit)

So, fear is a barbell in the gym of of Love. The tricky part is when you start to mix fear with anger. We’re all human, and fall into fear once in a while. We’ve even seen how fear is our barbell for building our spiritual muscles. But prolonged periods of living in fear combined with the anger which can arise out of fear can be extremely damaging, often leading to hate, which is the exact opposie of love. Love is the true, heartfelt wish for others to experience every imaginable happiness. It recognises our connectedness with each other, and with Spirit. Hate is the wish for others to experience harm, and is the negation of our connectivity. Hate cares nothing for others, does not recognise connectivity, and leads to a feeling of total isolation from our fellow beings and from Spirit. We have all heard of periods in human history where hate has ruled. Even in the darkest periods, not everyone was combining anger and fear – but that collective combination of some people living in fear and others living in anger creates a powerful negative force. At such times, it can be extremely difficult for individuals to stand in their own Light. So it is incredibly important for us to be clear about feelings of fear and anger that arise as we move into this polarising period of planetary transformation. Try to remain clear, then when you start moving into fear, be aware of it. Think, ”this, too will pass”, maybe even have a little laugh about it. Then return into Joy and Love – the only way you can – by choosing it!

The flip side of the Fear + Anger = Hate equation is Joy + Peace = Love. By repeatedly returning into a condition of Joy, we can train ourselves to live for longer and londer periods of time in the condition of pure Joy. This automatically leads us in to increasingly deeper conditions of inner peace. This combination of Joy and peace is like creating a portal over into the Dimension of Love. And making this dimensional shift is what the 2012 Ascension is all about. Steven Thaler has channelled some wonderful processes from Angel Ariel. In the Joy Process, the angels lead us through a process of increasingly hightened levels of pure joy through the process og blessing everything in our lives. This is a blessing which is not based on a request to a Higher Power to please bless me, my wife, parents, enemies etc. It is based in taking responsibility for blessing every aspect of your own life. In taking responsibility, we come closer to the Devine Truth of who we really are. From the Temple of Pure Joy, in the Compassion process, Ariel takes us from the Temple of Joy, through the Portal of Compassion, into the Dimension of Love. Compassion is very similar to Love. In Love, we wish for the complete happiness of another being; compassion is the wish for the complete freedom from all suffering of another being.

In ”Happy for no reason”, Marci Shimoff has interviewed 100 people who all seem to be happy all the time, regardless of their outer circumstances. These 100 happy souls seem to have 3 points of co-incidence in their belief systems:-

  1. The universe is on my side
  2. Even if shit happens, there is something I can learn from this
  3. A sense of purpose which drives their life – a kind of spiritual calling, and a certain knowlwge that what they are doing in their lives is important for the whole of humanity.

I see this as a kind of psycological background for the spiritual changes which are occouring on the planet. More and more of the specially sensitive young people who have come to the planet in the last 20 – 30 years are starting to come out of the struggle of their ealy years in a society which did not understand their talents and tried to force them to conform. They are finding each other and opening up to levels of Love and support which we old hippies could only dream about. I’m certain that, in the very near future, we will see small communities of these beautiful souls, living together, creating a blueprint for harmonious living in Unity for the future. It is the challenge for my generation of spiritual practitioners to accellerate our energy work, ascending to vibratory levels which have not previously been possible for most of humanity. And the challenge to put aside the old habits of a spirituality which has grown out of the same thinking as the marerial-competitive system in which we were brought up, in order to move fully into the dimension of Love, so as to be able to support these young people as the create a future beyond our wildest dreams.

This last month has been particularly challenging. There have been a succession of powerful alignments which have sent wave after wave of powerful spiritual energy to the world. Apart form the summer solstice, we have seen a lunar eclipse, a passage of venus and a numerological co-incidence on Saint Johns Day – 24.06.2012 gives 8 – the number for transformation. The new energies in June have seen the 4th dimension completely collapsing. Had you ever wondered why all the channeling about the Ascension had talked about a choice between 3rd and 5th dimensional living? What about the 4th dimension. It seems that the 4th dimension has been a kind of hiding place, where we could take all the old habits of a fear and competition-based existance and paint a spiritual mask over the top. All the gudgments, all the dividing of the world into 2 types of arses – those we should lick and those we should kick – all that marerial stuff, we could take with us into our spiritual wonderland of the 4th dimension. Now that option has been taken from us, and we are faced with a stark choice – go forward into the Dimensionof Love and Unity, or stay in the 3rd dimension energies. Thats one of the reasons why so many of us have been feeling increasingly split this month. Don’t worry about it – it will soon pass. Keep doing your spiritual and energy work on yourself and on your friends and family. If you have Reiki, give yourself a shert healing every day, and if you have IET, use the 5 minute empowerment daily, plus give youself the gift of a full session once in a while. Try to rest and drink water, and eat haelthily (but not fanatically so). Keep your eyes on the Light and listen to your soul.

I shall be travelling to south west England next week. I hope to be able to visit some of the ancient holy sites which Maria Magdelene visited after helping Joseph of Aramathia hide the Grail in England. It’s inspiring to think that Maria made a holy pilgrimage in Devon and Cornwall to sites which had been reverred for thousands of years when she was there 2000 years ago! Today, people from England make pligrimages to sites blessed by Her Holy Feminine Divinity in the Pyrrennes, Turkey or Palestine, but 2000 years ago, she went to England to make pilgrimage! Perhaps I will be inspired to write the 3rd in this series when I come home.

Have a great summer holiday

Love and Light