2012 and living your Soul’s mission on Earth.

- Part 1 in the ”Listening to your soul!” series.

Many people envolved in the new spirituality are very excited about developments in 2012 – and rightly so. We are collectively at a crossroads in Human development – a ”choice point” (1), as one of the many authors who have written about 2012 has called it. We are offered the opportuniy to lift our energy, both individually and collectively, into ”Unity Consciousness”. The term ”Unity Consciousness” has been repeatedly used in channellings from the Angelic Realms, and has been used by Archangels Arial (2) and Zadkiel (3). We can choose to move into the Ascension energy of Unity in and after 2012, or we can choose as souls to remain in density, and this is also fine. There is no judgment from the Angelic Realms, only perfect acceptance and Love – all our choices are fully accepted as manifestations of Divine Love and Free Will. The choice to continue experiencing all the varied sensations and feelings, thoughts, tastes and experiences of the world of density is also a cause of rejoicing in the Angelic realms. But for those souls who choose it, the window of opportunity to ascend into our full divinity is here and now!

As I understand it, if we choose to move into Unity Contiousness, we start moving into a deeper understanding of who we really are – fully empowered manifestations of Divine Love, intimately and inseperably connected to each other and to everything in the cosmos; both manifested as energy and as potential. As we start to ascend, we start to move out of our lower chakras, and into our hearts and the higher chakras. After all, the main issues of the lower three chakras are survival, lust and power, so what will Ascended Unity –aware beings of Love and Light use them for? (and here I am refering to the sex driven by lust as opposed to the spiritual union through sex which can be a very rapid path to spiritual realisations, and which will in the future form the basis of enlightened relationships mutually recognising the divine in each other). This does not mean that we will stop having the lower 3 chakras, merely that the issues around these 3 chakras are resolving. As we start to move into unity consciousness, if we feel that we are being limited or controlled by the lower chakras, we can gently acknowlege that there is a message there for us, feel the energy, release it, and return to heart-centeredness. One of the miracles that happen as we start moving out of the energy of survival, sex and power, is that our heart and throat chakras start to align. As a healer, I meet many clients who are in this process, and have started to open up the blockages caused by lifetimes of words based in fear which do not reflect their truth and Love. As our throats come in line with our hearts, and we speak more and more from our Truth, we start to move into a spacious and authentic level of being and communication, which the Angels call ”divine pride”. This is a wonderful feeling that your words are in keeping with your inner truth, and that your inner truth is just as valid as anyone else’s inner truth, reflecting your own inner divinity and in line with your heart.

In the process of ascending, which for most of us is just starting now, we will need to become more aware of what our soul is trying to tell us. As we move deeper into the Ascension, we will stop doing things which are not in harmony with our inner truth. This will include everything from what and how much we eat and exercise, to where we live, the people we choose to live close to and the enviromnent we choose to live in. Also the activities we participate in (our ”work”, in the language of density) will no longer be dictated by issues of survival and power, but by following our Truth, and by offering service to our brothers and sisters in a spirit of Unconditional Love. Allready now, spiritually-inclined individuals are starting to move geographically, and having moved home, are finding themselves meeting new groups of friends who reflect their changing values and beliefs. And many of the new friends seem so familiar to us because we have been together many times before; often in deep soul relationships in Lemuria, Atlantis or one of the histotically recorded wisdom civilisations of our early history, such as Ancient Egypt or Peru, which are also a reflection of the wonder of the best times of Atlantis, before The Fall..

Once we advance so much that we are all working with what our Truth and Love dictates, it is, of course, difficult to imagine the current monetary system continuing to have meaning. Allready now, we can see signs of the system cracking – with banks, the dollar and the Euro all under enormous pressure. At the same time, democratising movements in the middle east and elsewhere, and developments in the west, from the politically and socially aware ”Occupy” movement, to the more violent and less well thought through rections of rioters responding to their inner pain with little thought or control, are all signs of a system in deep crisis. We might as well choose to be conscious co-creators of a world free from the control of banks, big business and governments, instead of not taking a decision, and seeing system collapsing out of control anyway, feeling like victims.

The Soul’s mission on Earth.

Before we were born, we were inspired; we looked down on this beautiful blue-green planet and fell in love with Her. For some ( Indigo or crystal Childeren, many of whom have incarnated on other, more peaceful and spirituelly aware planets in recent lives), it may be relatively few lifetimes since we first chose to be a part of Mother Earth. For others, we fell in love with Her a very long time ago.

My own memories of the first time I chose to be born on this planet were revealed to me on a course in the Danish town of Odense, taught by a wonderful spiritual teacher, Martin, Hulbæk. Martin devloped a type of deep regression, called Soul Key Therapy, a development beyond Michael Newton’s ”Life Between Lives”, which I will share more with you in a later essay. Since my first SKT session, it always brings tears to my eyes, when I remember the first time I looked down from heaven to earth and decided that this was where I would incarnate for many lives to come.

Regardless of whether you came to Mother Earth after incarnating mainly on other planets, or you have been on Mother Earth for thousands of years, you have chosen to be here, in 2012, and that means you’ve got something important to share with the rest of us!

Before being born into your current body, you had a plan. In our early childhood, some of us can remember snippits of our plan. The problem is that, when we are in the state of being as pure soul, we are surrounded by perfect Love and acceptance. Then we incarnate, full of hope and high expectations. We expect to be met with the same love as we had in heaven. As a little baby, we look for that love and acceptance in the eyes of our parents, and who can blame them, after all they have been through, if most of us end up dissapointed? So we start making startegies to get the Love and attention we seek. And pretty soon, we have forgotten all about why we came here! Well, at least our ego and the conscious mind has forgotten. But the soul knows, and this information is stored away in our eighth chakra. According to Archangel Arial, the Eighth chakra (or ”Soul Star chakra” as she calls it) is a non-localised chakra about 1m – 1m 20cm out from our physical body – somewhere in the middle the spiritual layer of our aura. Non-localised means that it is all around us all at the same time. The soul star chakra contains all the information about our soul’s purpose on earth.

As we start working with ourselves, we start to get little glints of information about our Soul’s purpose on earth. But, since our daily consciousness and the ego are not really tuned in to listen to the soul, the soul needs to get creative to get our attention. The subconscious mind and the body are much more receptive to the messages from the soul than the conscious mind and the ego. So the soul starts trying to get our attention through them.

As more and more of us start living closer to our soul’s purpose, we collectively move towards living the Devine Plan. If enough of us make the shift into living in harmony and joy, it will lift the entire planet up into the truth of Joy, and the process will be unstopable. Indeed, I believe that there are now so many of us, that the shift into Unity is now inevitable.

If what I have sais so far sounds meaningful to you, you can try some of the following ways of understanding your soul. Indeed, if you are still reading after the first couple of pages, the chances are that you are already ascended on the energic level, and you only need to realease a few old thought and emotional patterns of stimulus – response, in order to really live your Ascended life here and now. Enjoy the ride.

    • You might consider keeping a note book by you bed. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. If you wait till after your morning coffee, there is a good chance you will forget them!
    • Please do not dismiss you wildest dreams as mere fantasy! (and now I am talking of waking dreams). The career, house, partner and life which would be so fantastic that you can barely dare to hope it is true, is probably just what the Devine has planned for you!
    • Be aware of people, magazine articles, TV programmes and so forth, which you really notice. It might be people who you admire, but it could just as easily be people you feel jealousy towards. Your soul is making you aware of people who share an element of the same mission as you, and you sometimes admire them, and sometimes get jealous because they are doing what they need to be doing while you are dawdleing behind. Some years ago, I had a combination of admiration and jealousy towards a very dear friend and wonderful soul guide, Ingerborg, from the Sixth Sense in Vejle, Denmark. Ingerborg and I share a part of a mission to show people that it is time for ”The Alternative” to come out of peoples cellars and be out there on the Highstreet. And Ingerborg was years ahead of me, so I felt both admiration and a bit of jealousy. But now I am also livng that part of my mission, I am hugely grateful for all that she has taught me.
    • Spend some time enjoying being centered in your heart every day, and a few times a day if possible. Just relaxing into your heart energy is enormously beneficial, both in terms of relieving daily stress, and in you journey back to who you really are. If you start to be disturbed by thoughts or feelings rooted in the lower chakras, gently acknowlege the message, release it, and return into heart-centeredness. You can also place your right jand on your heart as you move into heart-centeredness, if you feel that helps.
    • Sometimes, if you don’t listen to what your soul is saying, the body tries to tell you – and in extreme cases can manifest sickness. The body is uneasy about what you are doing, and this results in ”dis-ease”. There are many books available which describe the link between body and mind, and the ways that the souls speaks through the body in metaphore. Books such as ”You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay , and Debbie Shapiro’s excellent ”Your Body Mirrors Your Mind” are available in libraries – also in Danish translation for my Danish friends. Even more important than the wise words of great authors, is how you feel about the various pains and resistance you feel in your body. If you feel a place which is holding some resistance or pain, take an inner journey and try to feel into the messsages your body is trying to send you. Trust the first intuition, before the conscious mind starts playing games. And truely honour your body. The pain has an important message from your soul. After the session, gently withdraw, and thank your body for the message, and for all it does for you.

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of this work, and that some of these simple practices will be of some help on your path to realising and fully living as who you really are. I salute the wonderful work you are doing – it is not only important for your own soul evolution, but for the future of the entire planet as we move together into a new era of peace, love and understanding. Together, we can change the world, one heart at a time, as the Angels associated with IET often tell us. During the coming weeks, I will be adding more short essays to the series. I will expand on some of the issues which I have touched briefly in this introduction, and also write about other aspects of listening to your soul, and the ascension movement in general. Near the bottom of this page I think there shold be a little blog-like feature where you can write back to me. It may not be as fast as Fb or Twitter – technology has never been my strong side! But please feel free to use it, if indeed I succeed in making it work.

I am already working on the next chapter of this little journey. I think it will be called ”Fear +Anger=Hate;Joy+Peace=Love” Until next time,

Love and Light

(1) Hear Greg Bradon’s Talking book, ”Choice Point 2012”

(2) See channellings from Archangel Arial through Steven Thaler on www.learniet.com Arial and Steven created IET – a wonderful healing system which is thoroughly in tune with the Unity energy, and can help us contact, embrace and live our soul’s purpose.

(3) See Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa ”2012 Awakening” or ”Sacred Union – The journey home”. Kira channels Archangel Zadkiel, and Sri and Kiras books combine Sri’s wisdom with Kira’s channellings.People who are lucky enough to have been at these chanellings say that the feeling of Unconditional Love coming through Kira when Archangel Zadkiel enters her body is incredible, even better than the words of wisdom that come through.