Listening to your Soul

I have chosen to write this in English, partly so my many non-Danish speaking friends can follow it, but mostly because my love of the subject matter is such that I will not compromise what I want to say with the vagaries of my inadequate Danish. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be free of gramatical and spelling mistakes!

In this series of short essays, I will address some of the points which seem intersting to me concerning our movement into a more authentic relationship with our Souls. Some of the material is inspired by authors and teachers who have inspired me, and much comes from many years of meditation and my work as a Spiritual Therapist and Healer. Energy is developing so fast at the moment, that I feel the need to write some of the things which I am thinking and feeling and experiencing. It is my hope that, regardless of the source of my inspitation, the authenticity of these essays will shine through and be of some benefit to my readers, despite my own limited understanding. If this is the case all credit should go to the masters who, I feel, are guiding my composition. All confusion and lack of clarity arises from my own limitations in communicating the meaning of the Ascended Masters and Angels.