As we humans ascend into the fith dimension we are beginning to re-open 5 chakras which have been in slumber mode since the fall of Atlantis. As the planet Ascends to take her place in the Galactic harmony, Mother Earth is also developing 12 chakra points which will come to harmonise with our own 12 ascended chakras. As we ascend, we can help mother earth by channelling high dimension energies of love, joy and harmony to Mother Earth's 12 chakras.

Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, also has planets and consterlations which vibrate at the same frequencies as our ascemded chakras. Connecting to these energies can help us on our way to Ascension, and at the same time help te planetary ascension process. As our chakras begin to vibrate ith the ascended galactic vibrations, some may aspire to take the role of galactic masters or ambassadors for planet Earth working with the higher galactic masters and energies.

The 12 chakras, the planetary chakras and the celestial bodies which vibrate at the sme levels:

Human chakra  Planetary chakra Celestial body Ascended aspect*

Earth Star chakra   London UK   Neptune      Toutillay

Base chakra   Northern China   Saturn     Quishy

Sacral chakra   Honolulu, Hawaii   Sirius     Lakumay

Navel chakra   Fiji   Sun     Sun (already fully ascended)

Solar Plexus   South Africa   Earth     Pilchay

Heart   Glastonbury, UK   Venus     Venus (already fully ascended)

Throat   Luxor, Egypt   Mercury     Telephony

Third Eye   Afghanistan   Jupiter     Jumbay

Crown   Machu Picchu, Peru   Uranus     Curonay

Causal   Tibet   Moon     Moon (already fully ascended)

Soul Star   Agra, India   Orion     Orion (already fully ascended)

Stellar Gateway   Arctic circle   Mars     Nigellay


There are probably other celestial bodies which vibrate at the same levels as our chakras, but these are the closest.

 * Note: some of the celstial bodies are already ascended. Here, the ascended name is the same as the name of the celestial body and saying the name carries the ascended vibration.

This information comes from Dianna Cooper and Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Ascension Available in Denmark in Helsehuset i Jelling.